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Northern Europe’s
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hardwood timber

Global Timber is a thriving international company with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. The company headquarters and warehouse are located in Aarhus, Denmark. The warehouse contains the largest stock of the very best quality hardwood timber in Northern Europe, sourced from six continents.

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At Global Timber we are experts in our field. That is why, we can offer the right and optimal guidance after Your needs. Our credibility rest on a foundation of our knowledge to the hardwood industry collected over many years.

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15. October 2021

The world is moving, and we have to move with it

I am very pleased with the number of orders Global Timber has managed to sign over the last 10 months – not just American and European lumber/timber, but also European logs. This is a sign that the world is once again moving after a slowdown as ...

20. September 2021

The European forest is an ever-changing place

With four changing seasons, comes changing colours of a temperate deciduous forest. The look can vary from month to month and with the autumn approaching in Europe, the leaves turn yellow and red. Before falling to the ground, they flutter around ...

Global Timber Headquarter – An inspirational building

This month we open our doors and invite you inside our Danish headquarter. The almost three-year-old building is inspired by an architectural mix of “Scandinavia meets Japan”; or in other words, where a minimalistic lifestyle meets a state of ...

27. August 2021

A perspective from within the wood industry

Why is it a good idea to get certified in regard to timber production? A certificate is just like a diploma you get in school; a mechanism for attesting that something respects a given norm or qua...

27. July 2021

How it all started

How it all started Founded in 2006, A/S Global Timber emerged from our previous company name Internationalt Hårdttræ, a timber company whose roots stretch back to the 1970s. In 1974 Lars Munch Christensen, a very well-k...

22. June 2021

Experienced And International Experts In Hardwood

Experienced And International Experts In Hardwood At Global Timber, we are a group of experienced, competent, international experts in our fields – who happily go to work to service our customers, help them to be effici...

20. May 2021

Niche Vs. Standard products and the Due Dilligence System

A niche product is a distinct segment within any given market, something that is specific and specialized for a purpose. Wood has been used for thousands of years for fuel, construction material, for making tools and weapons, furn...

21. April 2021

African Hardwood – A significant part of Global Timber

Challenges of Tropical Timber In 1990 several environmental organizations have proposed to boycott all tropical timber in order to save the forests. Remove the international demand for tropical timber and you will remove th...

24. March 2021

European Hardwood – The Big Picture

Ownership of European Forest & Demand of Hardwood  Slightly less than half of Europe forest land is privately owned and some are state owned. A large part is owned by the forest industry or families. There are...

17. February 2021

Everything you need to know about the hardwood industry

Grading rules For American hardwood, the grading rules are easy and need less explanation in terms of quality sorting/ranking. For us in Asia...

15. January 2021

Why a secure wood supply is the biggest factor in removing trade barriers for your company

Why a secure wood supply is the biggest factor in removingtrade barriers for your company If you are a manufacturer of wood-based products, you know the importance of a secure and reliable supply of raw-m...

3. June 2020

Pursuit of the Next Level

Expanding business and trades in Asia, Panels & Furniture Magazine has taken a closer look into Global Timber Asia and created a personal article about our Asian activities featuring Director of Asia, Per Friis Knudsen. Since 2...

7. April 2020

We Make a Positive Difference

At Global Timber we work with the most sustainable raw material available – wood! Plant it, it grows. Cut it down, and it can be used and reused, both for inside and outside in different installations. Wood makes a positive differenc...

26. February 2020

Grand Opening of new Headquarter

Enjoy a preview of an afternoon well spent, in the company of “industry partners” and take a look inside, of what we believe candidates to be the most significant headquarter south of Aarhus, Denmark.  ...

10. September 2019

Proud Ambassador

Global Timber is an active and committed member of the Danish Timber Federation, which prescribes its members to source wood on sustainable principles and to control the environmental responsibility of their suppliers. That is why we also are a pr...

5. October 2018

Global Timber builds new head quarter

The new joint headquarter of Global Timber and Fredsted Floors has begun. The new administration building contains 1470 – spread out on 1109 square meters of new built and 381 square meters of renovated construction including office, joint f...

14. August 2018

New logo and identity

As the new head quarter is coming into place the management at Global Timber decided to give the DNA and strategy a high focus as well. Therefore, it was obvious to think in current trends and create a re-branding of the 12-year-old company....

1. June 2018

Global Timber expands the warehouse

In the beginning of 2018 Global Timber expanded the capacity of the warehouse on Michael Drewsens Vej and the southern pent roof on 655 square meters of extra space is finish. This gives an opportunity to expand the assortment to the customers and...

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Global Timber supplies the highest quality wood while operating and supporting sustainable forestry.
As a socially engaged global company, we are responsible for the world’s forests, people and the environment.