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We are leaders at
satisfying timber
industry needs

Our experienced team are never idle, always striving to satisfy customers’ needs and provide relevant guidance. The longevity of market trends varies. Trends and requests within popular types of wood are no exception. We aim to be at the forefront when it comes to trends and market developments.

We supply the
furniture industry
with the best quality

Our many industry customers also include the furniture industry, which often requires wood that has been carefully selected for its high quality.

Typically, the industry requires several types of wood in many different thicknesses and qualities. As an example, walnut is never just walnut. At Global Timber we know all specifications about walnut among others and will through a close dialogue with you as our customer, help you to determine the right type of wood, or an alternative and the preferred quality ideal for your end-product.

We import wood from Africa, America, Europe and South America, and we are always at the forefront when it comes to new trends in the industry.

Always feel free to contact us if you want a non-binding offer.

Quality wood for
the window and door
manufacturing industry

Global Timber supplies wood to the window and door manufacturing industry and we collaborate with a large number of the industry’s manufacturers. Many of our industry customers are regular customers, whom we have supplied for many years. We always endeavor to fully meet our customers’ requirements. We always deliver the quality suitable for the desired project.

The window manufacturing industry particularly requires mahogany and oak, and Global Timber is always a reliable supplier, providing different lengths, thicknesses and qualities. Our guidance is honest and based on our many years of expertise in supplying hardwood. We know which qualities make a difference to a product and if there are alternatives available on the market.

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Quality wood
to the
moulding industry

Global Timber sells trimmed wood to the moulding industry and to planning mills for the production of window mouldings, floor mouldings, base mouldings, surrounds, bottom mouldings and we supply wood for the production of mouldings for facade cladding. We have extensive experience in meeting the construction industry’s needs and provide guidance about which types of wood are most suitable for the production in question. Types of wood that are popular in the manufacturing process are oak, ash, mahogany and cedarwood.

Always feel free to contact us if you want a non-binding offer.

Kitchens made from
modern wood supplied
by Global Timber

We supply carefully selected types of wood for all kinds of kitchens, for kitchens designed by architects and carpenters, and for fitted kitchens. Global Timber also supplies solid, exotic worktops made from trimmed hardwood.

The quality and durability meet the needs of families who want a kitchen that everyone can use every day. Our range includes natural and traditional wood in all shapes and sizes, and we provide expert help and guidance throughout the purchasing process.

Always feel free to contact us if you want a non-binding offer.

We supply wood
for unique
staircase solutions

Global Timber provides staircase and banister manufacturers with a selection of popular types of wood in the best quality. Trimmed wood for carpenter-made staircases and special solutions for stair steps are always available in our product range. Our warehouse is large and well stocked and delivery times are kept to a minimum. Choose between oak, ash and Douglas-fir for a unique staircase solution.

If you seek guidance or would like one of our sales staff to contact you, please get in touch and we will set up a meeting.

Always feel free to contact us if you want a non-binding offer.

supplier to
floor manufactures

Global Timber supplies quality wood to solid wooden floor manufacturers, manufacturers of high-quality herringbone- and lamella floors. If you are a floor manufacturer then contact our professional expert staff, who will provide guidance down to the smallest detail, including trimmed wood. We supply wood to floor manufacturers, both at our domestic market and to the international industry.

We maintain comprehensive stocks, which means short delivery times. Oak, Ash and Jatoba are especially popular types of wood among floor manufacturers.

Always feel free to contact us if you want a non-binding offer.

Maritime accommodation
made from several
types of wood

We are experienced in supplying specially selected types of wood for the maritime industry. Large fishing trawlers are built with the finest interior accommodation made from high-quality oak, ash, beech, mahogany and solid walnut.

We also supply wood for repairs on large container ships or to master carpenters who manufacture maritime wood solutions. We stock durable wood for use on exteriors and for outdoor use in maritime settings, e.g. benches made from different types of hardwood that can withstand harsh wind and weather.

We also supply a range of teak for use in yachts and Global Timber are experts when it comes to the stringent requirements of the yacht industry.