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This month we open our doors and invite you inside our Danish headquarter. The almost three-year-old building is inspired by an architectural mix of “Scandinavia meets Japan”; or in other words, where a minimalistic lifestyle meets a state of zen.

The building, which is home to both Global Timber and our sister company, Fredsted Floors, was initially an older, worn-out industrial property. The idea was to buy an old building, preserve it, and transform it into a cozy working environment where our employees would thrive and deliver their best. This idea came from a philosophy, where we believe that if our employees are surrounded by natural materials and high-quality products, this message will be transparent and easier to convey to customers. The result of modernising the old building was so successful that the company was awarded Aarhus Municipality City Renewal Award in 2020.

Two companies might be located under the same roof, but each company has a separate entrance and workspace to reflect each company’s unique brand personality. To unite Global Timber and Fredsted Floors, a shared area links the two and this is where joint facilities such as the canteen and meeting rooms are placed. This shared area is viewed as the heart of the building as it is also the middle of the whole construction.


Each company has its own identity, and this is expressed throughout the facades. For example, when entering the Global Timber part of the building, you are met by walls covered in vertical cladding that are made from own imported wood to symbolise tree trunks from the forests. In contrast to this, Fredsted Floors has a glass facade that makes you dream about luxurious wellness facilities. The materials used emanate quality and originality, which reflect the values of the two companies. High, large windows, robust untreated wood facades, wooden floors, glass and natural stones – all in harmony to enhance their own natural beauty. The outdoor areas reflect the same concept – a mix of long grasses, trees and wildflowers create a micro ecosystem in which nature can thrive.

The effect of all this? The feeling of a Japanese spa hotel, where employees and visitors can feel inspired, in a homely atmosphere. The abundance of natural and calm light, spacious rooms and choice of materials create an almost peaceful and tranquil feeling for those inside.


The building’s sustainability was prioritised already from the planning phase. Right from the beginning, it was meant as an intelligent passive building with minimal consumption of resources and made from environmentally friendly materials. It starts with the orientation of the house to make the best use of sun and shade to control the heat in the building. Then having two companies in one with shared canteen and meeting rooms etc. is also an example of making the best use of space and resources. Another example of a sustainable choice would be the lightning system as high efficiency LED lights are implemented with an integrated intelligent system that automatically regulates itself. The Global Timber Headquarter is built as a celebration of natural materials. It shows our appreciation to nature and all what she has to offer. We are firm believers in sustainability and our headquarter reflects this; it is our humble way of paying tribute to the world we live in.


By Petra Postolache

Global timber