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We offer the most common species of European hardwoods in log-form for our customers, who prefer to saw and process their own timber. Our hardwood logs are suitable for production of flooring, furniture, construction or simply lumber and timber manufacturing.

Our most popular and requested logs are listed below, however always feel free to contact us with any request on specific dimensions or other hardwood species in log-form.


Dimension: Diameter is 30% 30-39cm and 70% 40cm+

Eupean Oak is known for having open wood grain markings and therefore suitable for many purposes. The tree becomes approx. 30–35meter and can have a diameter of up to 3meters. European Oak, especially the fine-grained, is good to work with, for example, with steam bending for chairs.


Dimension: Diameter is 30% 30-39cm and 70% 40cm+

Our European Ash has fairly good strength properties for its weight and is also shock resistant. It has a medium to coarse texture like oak. The grain is almost always straight and regular. Produces good results with hand or machine tools and responds well to steam bending.


Dimension: Diameter is 30% 30-39cm and 70% 40cm+

Beech is widely-used in Europe. Its hardness, wear-resistance, strength, and excellent bending capabilities, make this hardwood a mainstay for many woodworkers. European Beech has a good workability; machines well, and glues, finishes, and turns well. Beech also responds superbly to steam-bending.


Dimension: Diameter is 30% 30-39cm and 70% 40cm+

Poplar, also called Tulipwood does not have as much structure as ash and oak, but looks more like maple in its structure, though slightly darker in color. This specie is excellent for painting and for lamination. Poplar hardwood is stable after drying when used indoors.


Dimension: Diameter is 30% 30-39cm and 70% 40cm+

The European Maple is slightly lighter than the American Maple. It is fairly easy to work with both hand and machine tools, though Maple tends to burn when being machined with high-speed cutters. It turns, glues, and finishes well.