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Experienced And International Experts In Hardwood

At Global Timber, we are a group of experienced, competent, international experts in our fields – who happily go to work to service our customers, help them to be efficient in their business and are eager to solve any problems, if they should arise.

To serve our customers we need to serve our suppliers and to do so, we have a happy and equally super qualified team that works with our suppliers to make sure we buy what our customers need and sell what our suppliers are producing. Our suppliers are as important as our customers, and we praise ourselves to be working with sawmills and suppliers who trust us to sell their products to the right customers, at the right price.

Our daily life in sales often starts when customers ask for offers on timber, lumber, logs or veneers from Europe, America, or Africa. We then spend time to do our best to communicate and negotiate with our suppliers to get the best possible offers that will fit your described specifications. Therefore, it is so important that our customers do their best to give us as much information as possible before we start discussions with our sawmills. It is very simple help-to-self-help. The more information you give us, the more accurate offers we give you.

As per my last newsletter, we try to find the right product tailor-made for you, if it is not one of our standard products you need.

Usually after some visit to our customers and after we have been making business for a little while, we understand what you need and setup a relationship between customer and sawmill. Suppliers will in basic produce for our customer and thereby our customers will get consistent quality, color, and service with each order. So, we need to know our customers and suppliers as well as they need to know us. It is about trust, relationship, and proper business ethics where we strive and perform our best for you.

Put aside the product quality that we all know need to match prices and so on, read our other newsletters for more insight to our products. Service is most of the time the all-important part to gain from, when working with a trader. We have a large international Supply Chain division at our HQ in Denmark. The team is built so that it understands our company culture, understands our customers and suppliers’ differences. And especially important, they speak your language. Walk into our beautiful newly built head-quarter in Denmark and you will experience what an international business atmosphere is all about. Not only is the most frequent spoken language being English and Danish, but you will also hear Vietnamese, Chinese, Malaysian spoken all the time.. and Portuguese, German, Spanish, French and Romanian as well, in one lovely symphony. There is always some way to communicate in your own language if English is not the preferred one. They work on purchase and sales contracts, container and vessel booking, tracking of same, issuing documents and checking documents, make sure our suppliers get paid and we receive money from customers. All CSR is located same place and handle certifications and environment matters as you read from Petra Postolache here below to make sure we comply with local and international regulations.

Sustainable Forest Management prevents forest conversion to agriculture

As a global timber trader, we stay at the meeting point between sawmills and customers. So, what kind of responsibility are we assuming when we import and export timber across six continents? We want to continuously provide our customers as their preferred trading partner through knowledge and innovation. And for this we need to ensure sustainability in hardwood forestry, in all the countries we operate

Environmental Policy 
As a company and as a partner of ATIBT, Danish Trade Association and others we recognize the essential value forests. Well-managed forests where Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) is practiced, is good for biodiversity and beneficial for local people, who get a reliable source of income and need not to burn forests and transform them into pastureland or agricultural plots.

Protecting The Forest With Economic Return
When sustainable managed, all types of forests are renewable ecosystems providing essential goods and services to people worldwide. Working closely with sawmills around the world, we help grow the forestry sector and sustain rural communities. By paying a fair, competitive price for primary producers’ products, we provide them with an incentive for keeping the forest standing.
By buying a wide range of specifications and grades of timber, we help producers minimize waste and get the best use of their logs. We care about the people working at the sawmills and productions sites. To obtain this, we observe the working conditions at the sawmills during our visits.

Supporting Small- and Medium Sized Producers
We strive towards purchasing as much verified and certified timber as possible. When a certified purchase is not possible, our goal is to find suitable alternatives. These alternatives could be either local third-party verifications, usually from non-governmental organizations from the countries of harvest or purchase a lesser-known specie, where the risks of illegal harvests are low.
Another way to pursuing more sustainability, is to motivate local suppliers to support us in this matter. In dialogue, we hope to achieve positive change in the local communities, push for more certifications and transparency of the operations.

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