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We are proud of
our sustainable

We have a vested interest in taking care of nature, because it ensures the source of our wood remains intact. As a modern, global company, we are leaders in social responsibility, in humane ethics and sustainable conduct in all of our processes – here in Denmark and around the world.

This means for example, that in Denmark we truly value our employees, their competencies and their well-being at the workplace. This applies to every part of our business, from administration and warehouse staff, to our partners.

As a socially responsible partner, we collaborate with our suppliers in more fringe areas of the world where i.e. schooling and healthcare can be a challenge.

At the same time, we are proud that we help to preserve our forests globally through important environmental certification programmes. This results in better conditions for the forests and a future-proof environment with regard to focus on CO2 emissions.


Wood improves the indoor climate for millions of people around the world



Global Timber IS FSC® AND PEFC™-certified and meets EUTR requirements



When you choose hardwood, you obtain a quality product that lasts forever

why wood

11 September 2014

Wood takes the chair

1 minute and 53 seconds, Træ.dk’s cartoon tells about the world’s best raw material, even when it comes to furniture production.

1 October 2012

Why on earth a wood house?

“Why on earth a wooden house?” is a Træ.dk cartoon, explaining world’s best building material.

Within 1 minute and 55 seconds, the film tells why it is brilliant to build with wood.

27 October 2011

Wood - nature's stroke of genius

Træ.dk has produced a cartoon about the world’s most environmentally friendly raw material.

Sit down, open your eyes and listen for 1 minute and 45 seconds.